A Thief. A Criminal.

“Time is a thief,”

you had said once.

And I hadn’t quite grasped the meaning of it back then. Your words always had a way of baffling me. And even though your face is fading away from my memory with every passing moment, your words, your words still echo through me clearly and sharply.

Time is indeed a thief, it is a criminal for taking you away from me and making me see sense in your words.

posted for Lillie McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction.

Photo by Zoe Holling on Unsplash

20 thoughts on “A Thief. A Criminal.

  1. Brilliant. I’ve always pictured time as an enemy – racing when I wish it would slow down or dragging on when I need it to hurry. And no matter how fast or slow it goes, it takes away so much from us. I love the picture above – it’s like a fading memory – which suits your post perfectly.
    Anyway, I think I want more of your writing. Well done!



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