my weird creaky maybe haunted apartment

There it is again, 
the apartment is settling in. 
I take one earphone out, the music still playing
as my head looks around,
my eyes scanning the room,
my ears straining to pinpoint the source of the creaks.
The apartment readjusts.
It has been sitting still for too long
so now it stretches its sleeping muscles
and groans.

It’s three in the morning when the pipes in the walls come alive,
their gurgles joining the symphony of the quiet.
No taps are running and yet,
blood courses through the apartment’s veins as it stirs in the dark,
making me acknowledge the unwanted company.
Sometimes footsteps join in the cacophony of the pipes.
They walk around above my apartment after midnight,
followed by screeches of furniture moving around.
Living on the last floor of a building 
where the door to the roof is locked and rusty with time,
I try to find sense in the shuffling upstairs.
Maybe I can borrow a broom from the 
witch I hear every weekend,
her cackles echoing from another apartment unknown,
travelling through to my window and into my room.
Mind you, I don’t mean a Harry-Potter-witch,
but a green-skinned one with all her pointies—
pointy hat,
pointy nose,
pointy chin,
—in place.
Maybe I can interrupt her stirring through 
the black cauldron of filth,
ask to borrow her broom and 
fly up to the roof to find sense in the shuffling upstairs.
Or maybe I will just sit in my weird creaky apartment and 
ponder over its haunted-ness.

Photo by from Pexels

2 thoughts on “my weird creaky maybe haunted apartment

  1. That’s interesting. I’ve been going through my list of WordPress followers and I’m reminded of some of the “old” ones who used to comment and like my posts. Many of them haven’t been on WordPress in quite some time but there are a few here and there(like you) who’ve come back to it and left a post or two recently. Curious. 🙂


    1. My writing is a bit temperamental so it can take me a day to a month to longer to complete a piece or even come up with an idea – which is an absolute pain. That is kind of what happened with my inactivity. Thanks for checking this out!

      Liked by 1 person


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