An Hour and a Half

Like crayons of every colour sticking out of their box – lined close to one another – the houses stood in front of me as the boat docked onto the port. I was expecting a camera to pop out and a ‘cut’ to be yelled, expecting the beauty in front of me to collapse like a temporary set up for a movie, for like a picturesque movie scene the site in front of me looked.

As I proceeded, I came up to a place where a canal snaked through – boats floating stagnant on the water – dividing the island, only to be connected by beautiful bridges that arched over it.

The balconies and windows lined with potted flowers, a common sight, but only adding to the dreamy haze that seemed to surround the place; their colours seeming to imitate those of the houses around.

I imagine: Juliet out on one of the balconies and Romeo standing on the cobbled streets below, committing themselves to one another.

A cluster of tables scattered at intervals outside restaurants, bustling with tourists. Small stalls bursting with souvenirs – postcards, key chains, magnets, bookmarks – dotted around the place. Shops adorned with intricate lace and glass works stand along the path where houses aren’t.

An hour and a half. I was in Burano for only an hour and a half, rushing through the beauty around to get to the next place on the list like a typical tourist. But that short time, apparently, was enough.

Photograph of Burano: Saakshi Gupta


Winter is warmth.

In winter, you bring out the thick blankets and snuggle into them. You cozy up with your loved one, cuddle and let the warmth unfurl through you. You whip up some delicious hot coffee, nestling the cup’s warmth between your cold fingers, drinking in its sweet aroma, every sip spreading heat through your body.

Winter makes you oversleep. Everyone knows how stubborn sleep can become in this cold season, never wanting to flutter away from your eyes and body.

Winter is not chilly,
winter is not icy,
neither is it uncomfortably cold.

Winter, to me, is warmth.

Photo: Saakshi Gupta